I’m bringing you my April favorites post. Here are some things that I am loving at the moment. This month I have included a little bit of everything from fashion, to makeup, nails, and my favorite beverage. I hope you find inspiration from my favs and enjoy this post.

Fizz & Co. Seltzer Water from Kroger and Sweet Leaf vanilla Creme liquid Stevia

I love me a good coke. Whats better that sweet flavor and bubbly fizz….yum! As an RD, I try to find alternatives that I know are better for my body. If soda’s are your thing too, you have to try this. The Fizz and Co Seltzer waters are the bomb! They come in three flavors; Cola, Root Beer and The Dr. I have also figured out exactly how to take it up a notch where you wont even realize you aren’t drinking the real deal. The secret is Vanilla Creme Liquid Stevia drops from sweet leaf. Add a few drops straight to the can and you will be in vanilla cola heaven.

Birkenstocks and Matching Cork Sandals for my Little One

Birkenstock Sandal
Birkenstock Sandal

I love my Birkenstocks . As a kid during the 90s/00’s Birkenstocks were my go to. I swear they are still in great shape and I got them like 20 years ago! Even though I still own the original style clogs, I don’t wear them much these days. HOWEVER, I have found a new love in the Birkenstock sandal. These are super comfortable and I love the look. I found a Walmart cork sandal in a pale pink for my little to match!! So we have been matchy matchy this past month and to tell you the truth I am loving it! With the warmer weather starting to come around these are a must!

Physicians Formula Organic Mascara

Who doesn’t love makeup? I try to stick with a more natural makeup whenever possible. My mascara was dry and I needed a natural alternative that still functions well without breaking the bank. I picked the Physicians Formula Organic Mascara up this month and I have been loving it! It is a nice balance between lengthening and thickening without being clumpy. The wand really does a nice job of separating your lashes. It seems to stay put and the packaging is adorable. I am super excited about my find!

Milk Frother

I recently got a milk frother, and let me tell you I am in love! I am quite fond of a nice warm cup of goodness. I have recently seen a lot of awesome looking frothers but most have not so great reviews. I’ve only used this a few times so far but i’m really enjoying it. I have used it in tea, coffee, and even if I am looking for a splurge with hot coco. The coolest part is it has a cold setting for those hot days! It is definitely a nice addition to that cup your are brewing.

Zoya Nail Polish in Leigh

I have finally found a good nail polish, that is not full of junk! I have, and will continue to purchase some not so healthy polish if the color is to die for, but I try my hardest to stick with safer alternatives. This is a gorgeous color that is almost like a pinky beige with hints of peach in it, perfect for the spring time and summer.

I hope you all enjoyed my April Favorites! I look forward to sharing these with you monthly! Please let me know if you have bought anything this month that you are loving! Now that I have shared my scoop, what’s up with you?

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