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Chronic urinary tract infections and alternative treatment

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Chronic urinary tract infections:

I was diagnosed with my first urinary tract infection as an infant and continued to have reoccurring infections until I was around eight. My kidneys were functioning properly but I could not seem to go without an infection if I was not on antibiotics. Antibiotics while they definitely have their place can be very detrimental to your gut health, contribute to allergies, and can ultimately lead to other infections. Join me as I discuss my Chronic urinary tract infections and alternative treatment options.

As the years pased I cycled through from one antibiotic to another with several allergic reactions occurring. Luckily I outgrew these infections! I have the occasional UTI but no longer require a maintenance dose of antibiotics. I have compiled a list of my must-haves for fighting a Urinary tract infection. Please read on and let me know if you try them!

Medical Disclosure

As always please check with your doctor before starting any supplements or regimenes. This article is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or be a substitute for medical treatment by an MD. I am simply sharing what has worked for me personally, hoping to give you some insight into my chronic urinary tract infections and alternative treatment.

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The number one supplement that I wish I knew about years ago is D-Mannose. I prefer the pure powder but you can also take in capsules. I will provide a link below to the product on Amazon.

D- Mannose is a naturally occuring sugar that is found in cranberries.  It is thought to function by preventing bacteria from sticking to the wall of the uinary tract.  If you are one who has reoccurant infections I would take this daily.  I am at a point where I only take this when I feel a UTI coming on. If you take away one piece of info from this post take note of this! D Mannose powder is my most used supplement for chronic urinary tract infections and alternative treatment options. 

Vitamin C

Increasing your vitamin c is always a good place to start when you are fighting an infection or under the weather. It helps to support your immune system in fighting off the infection. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin meaning the excess is excreted in your urine so it is difficult to get too much.

I love this vitamin c. It is a spray, tastes great, and is made with good quality ingredients. If you prefer a supplement in pill form this raw version is also a good whole foods option. I follow the directions on the bottle for a few days after symptoms have improved.

Apple cider vinegar

I love the flavor of apple cider and regularly add it to my water for digestion and some additional probiotics. However, if you do not like the taste you can take a quick shot of it or attempt some pills. I find that if I mix a few tablespoons in water, or pure unsweetened cranberry juice it does wonders for my UTI. Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and full of probiotics, but only if you get the raw unfiltered version! Here are the pills if you don’t tolerate the vinegar well. If you are drinking the vinegar add as often as you refill your water cup which should be frequently with a UTI. If you are taking the supplement, follow the directions on the bottle.

Cranberry Juice

I love adding a little splash of cranberry to my water and apple cider mixture. It makes for a pretty strong drink but I honestly don’t mind. This is one of my favorite cranberry juice options as it is organic and not from concentrate. As you notice it is quite pricey but almost all cranberry juice you get is sweetened and watered down. So a little goes a really long way with this juice. I will also add some cranberry pills if this is too strong for your tastes.


Oil of oregano is another powerful antioxidant that supports your immune system. I put one drop in my drink twice daily when fighting a UTI. This is extremely strong and may not be tolerated by many. You can also use oregano pills if you desire or skip this step altogether. Be sure to not continue this regimen for long periods of time as this is a very strong herb.

Fluids and Rest

The best medicine for a UTI is plenty of fluids and rest. Please do not let your UTI continue for a long period of time ! You know your body best and when it is time to visit the MD. An untreated UTI can lead to further complications and can cause further damage to your kidneys.

Do you get frequent UTI

Do you find you get frequent urinary tract infections? Have you found a solution that helps to prevent urinary tract infections or treat them? Lets chat!

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